Our Team

Charles Cheng



Professional accountant AND an amateur wine and spirit imbiber, based in Hong Kong.  Big fans of German and Italian wines, yet he likes tasting wines of underrated wine grape varieties and regions.  WSET Diploma holder, and he always wants to know more about this amazing drink.


Email: stcharles927@gmail.com

Facebook page: Cat Gentleman who Drinks Wine

Website: www.charles-cheng.com

Portia Chan.jpg

Portia Chan

Deputy President

Portia believes that wine appreciation is a great way to meet and bond with friends. While working in the travel industry, she has found her enthusiasm to discover different kinds of wines and spirits from all over the world. Her all time favourite is peaty scotch!


Email: portiachancy@gmail.com

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/portia-chan-87336080


Anthea Kan


Anthea would love to contribute to her alma mater HKUST through her professional accounting knowledge and at the same time meeting new friends through glasses of wine and cocktails. Being an ex-co of HKUSTAWA can serve both purposes! She attained the qualification of International Kikisake-shi after developing an interest in Sake through HKUSTAWA events. She is also a Gin lover with an interest in mixology.

Jennifer Luk 2020.jpg

Jennifer Luk

Vice President (University Relations)


Jennifer, our Founding President (2016-2020), used to work in the wine industry as wine educator, event organizer and freelance columnist. Currently working full-time as an archivist, she still occasionally hosts some casual wine appreciation workshops.  She is also a pioneer in hosting wine tasting in complete darkness and marathoner in wine regions. Her next goal is Marathon du Médoc 2022 - challenging herself to run the same race after 10 years!​

Email:  Jennifer.Luk@alumni.ust.hk

Website: www.jenniferluk.com

Gary Chan

Vice President (Welfare)


Gary has been working in banking and finance field since graduation.  Wines have become more popular since wines are tax-free in Hong Kong.  He could then learn about wines through attending various wine tastings and blind tasting events without taking any regular course.  Having a chance to attend a sharing by one of the Keepers of the Quaich in 2013, he joined the whisky world and has become a whisky collector.  He has visited over 30 distilleries and independent whisky bottlers in Scotland, Taiwan and Japan in the past two years.


Kay Lee

Vice President (Membership)

Working in high fashion industry for over 10 years, Kay loves to share his passion in life, art and culture to people around, no matter friends or clients. He became more obsessed with wine since his study of WSET qualification and he was devoted to acquiring professional wine and spirit knowledge. In 2019, he passed WSET Level 3 Award in Wine with distinction. His favourite wines range from Champagne, German Riesling to Italian Brunello di Montalcino.

Besides wine, he is also an advocate to mixology and coffee brewing. He loves appreciating art movie, photography as well as fine art painting. All in all, Kay is a lifelong explorer of sensory experience.


Thomas Ng

Vice President (Events)

Thomas is working finance industry and actively involved in several associations under HKUST. He has a lot of experience in organizing wine and dine events in a professional manner. When he studied in the U.S., he gained his interest in wine from various vineyard tours and studies in the West Coast. Pinot Noir is his all time favorite. He is planning to pursue WSET Level 3.


Thierry Wong Tsz Chung

Vice President (Events)

Working in Wealth management industry for over 7 years, Thierry loves organizing networking events and sharing dining culture to people around, no matter friends or clients. He became more obsessed with wine - food pairing since his study of WSET qualification. His favourite wines range from German Riesling, Bordeaux Reds to Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. Besides wine, he loves doing business investment too. It would be interesting to hear about his lifestyle sharing and wine tasting tips. 


Yan Yu

Vice President (Marketing)


Working in the recruitment industry, Yan has developed business development and people skills.  Being a committee member of Alumni Wine Association is of her interest in connecting with wine lovers and learning more about wine appreciation. Personally she is a big fan of Gin.


Email: kyyu.yan@gmail.com


Terence Ip

Vice President (IT)

A business technologist and an armetrur wine enthusiast, Terence loves exploring ways to bond among wines, gourmet food and friends.  Terence organized numerous wine dinners, featuring a wide variety of cuisines and wine pairings. The art of wine making and the magic of food pairing motivated Terence to pursue formal wine studies.  Terence has recently completed WSET Level 3 courses and will further his studies in the near future.