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Left Bank Bordeaux Cup

Left Bank Bordeaux Cup (LBBC) (formerly ’20 vin Sur’ before 2012) used to be a wine competition among wine clubs at leading Paris higher education institutions. Since 2012, the competition has opened up for students outside France to participate. Students from prestigious French schools, as well as Oxford and Cambridge, and other elite business schools in North America and Asia have taken part in the competition. Nowadays, there are two rounds of competitions in Asia: one being held in Hong Kong, another in Shanghai. The champion in each of these rounds is then qualified for the final held every year in June.

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Final at Bordeaux again!

Teamwork makes dream work. After a year of cancellation and virtual finals held last year, the 2022 LBBC qualifiers can finally compete physically in Bordeaux! With no prior wine tasting experience, our 2022 wine team won the HK-Asia round then headed to Bordeaux after 8 months of practices and coaching led by our alumni and past wine teams.

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From left to right: Alven Wong, Hazel Kong, Vennise Ku, Joshua Lau (coach)


Hong Kong Championship for 2 years in a row

Since Oct 2017, a new team of three members went through a series of training and practices (oh! there is blind tasting in the competition). This HKUST Wine Team participated in Hong Kong round in Jan 2018 and won their seats to final. For 2 years in a row, we've got the HK championship!

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From left to right: Joshua Lau, Wilson Lau, Julio Liu, Charles Cheng (coach)


Hong Kong Championship for another year

The pandemic has brought unusual challenge to our wine team - competition was cancelled in 2020 and no one knew what's next. Yet, our team members being true wine lovers have never stopped tasting and exploring the wine world. Finally in 2021, they became Hong Kong Champion and eventually the second runner-up at the final competition held virtually.

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From left to right: Kenny Chan, Kenneth Kwan, David Chow


Participating in final held at Bordeaux, France

In June 2017, HKUST Wine Team has participated in the final held at Château Lafite-Rothschild as Champion of Hong Kong round and winery tour in Bordeaux. Competing against other seven international teams, we have finally won the 4th place.  


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From left to right: Ken Lo, Carol Wong, Jennifer Luk (coach), Perry Mok



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Hazel Kong, Vennise Ku, Alven Wong (2022)

Kenny Chan, David Chow, Kenneth Kwan (2020/21)

Jennifer Lui, Jamie Wong, Charlotte Yu (2019)

Joshua Lau, Wilson Lau, Julio Liu (2018)

Ken Lo, Perry Mok, Carol Wong (2017)

Valena Hsu, Ryan Lai, Louis Tsang (2016)

Dean Chau, Parco Chow, Anson Ho (2015)

Chapman Chan, David Ho, Jason Li (2014)

Mark Leung, Kim Lui, Vincent So (2013)

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